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Bayonne New Jersey Bed Bug Alerts

We are proud to offer the next generation in Bed Bug Services, malady Heat Treatments. Our Chaser Free and Chaser Plus treatment programs offer immediate relief,

come with a 3 month warranty and are available as a

Pesticide Free, and/or a limited pesticide treatment option.

Studies have shown that all stages of Bed Bugs (Adult, Nymph and Egg) are controlled by increasing the heat in their environment to only 122 degrees for 60 seconds. There is no waiting period, results are immediate and our unique heat delivery system is des

igned never to exceed 140 degrees in any condition, ensuring your home and valuables will not be damaged during treatment. You’ll be able to re-enter your Bed Bug free ho

me within 3-4 hours of the beginning of treatment.

Preparation for a conventional (pesticide-based) bed bug treatment can be costly, time consuming and must be repeated with each application. Heat treatments play by a different set of rules, with minimal preparation and only one treatment for immediate effect, so the burden on the residents of affected units is greatly reduced.