Bayonne Extermmating


There’s no Pest Control without the Customer’s Co-operation!

We just can’t do it without you and that’s a fact!!

We’ve been trained for hours and hours, drugstore passed one test after another to become certified, viagra the company has been in operation for years, pharmacy even decades and we STILL need your help! Do you know why? Because YOU, our customer, are the most important person in the loop.

Teamwork is essential for great results!

First of all, without our customers, we wouldn’t even exist, that simple, but your involvement doesn’t end at making the phone call.  Once you’ve made the decision to involve a professional for your pest control needs your job is just getting started.

First of all, remember this: The pests got here before we did. We didn’t bring them with us, or chase them over to you from the neighbor’s house.  We are trying to be part of the solution, we want to solve your problem as much as you do.  We understand you can be upset, scared or angry, but please please please, don’t take it out on the technician, he’s trying to help you get what you want.

Secondly, we need you!! We may plan to spend a few hours at your house a day or two a month, or maybe even once a week but don’t forget, you’re there more than we are! Its your house, your home, no one knows all the nooks and crannies like you. No one knows where you had the water leak two years ago that had to be repaired.  Only you knows you went shopping at a new store for the first time and things were maybe a little TOO cheap.  Only you know that your Aunt Bessie brought her chihuahua over last weekend, (important information when diagnosing the bites on everybody’s ankles that started showing up a few days ago).

Third, there may be things to do that go beyond the scope of our work.  Infested food items may need to be sought out and discarded to finally get rid of those pesky moths.  A leaking gutter may need to be repaired so we can treat for carpenter ants.  Part of a flea treatment is seeing to your pets, or doing a few loads of laundry.  Now our technicians are trained thoroughly and extensively, but only in the field of pest control.  Deciding what to keep and not keep in your pantry, home repair and remodeling, veterinary work and laundry duty all fall beyond the scope of what our technicians can accomplish for you, and yet some of these actions are required for pest elimination to become a reality.  So what does the mean to you? and to your technician?

It means you two are a Team!!!  A problem solving, pest eliminating team with enough experience, training and know how to deal with the issues you’re seeing and hopefully make sure it doesn’t happen again.  A team that knows the pest and knows the place, a team that brings the right equipment and stays behind to watch. A team that truly is more than the sum of its parts.

Always remember that we can’t do it without you!  Teamwork is what makes successful pest control programs work. Thank you for all of your help!