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Bayonne New Jersey’s Most Common Rat

By far the most common type of Rat found in New Jersey is the Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus).

Bayonne New Jersey Rat Control

Also known as the Brown Rat, ask Sewer Rat, treatment Norway Rat or Warf Rat, these larger rodents can be almost a foot long, not counting the tail and weigh up to a pound. Norway Rats are excellent burrowers, are extremely intelligent and live in large and complex social groupings. This intelligent and social nature has no doubt attributed to their negative perception. In modern society, Norway rats have adapted themselves perfectly to urban areas and sewer systems, living in extremely close contact with humans in inner cities and high poverty areas. Their extremely strong teeth and ability to burrow extensively allow them to move seamlessly through sewer systems and homes, as well as through most construction materials used to keep them out. Like most rodents, Norway Rats have a very high reproductive potential, generating large populations in a very short amount of time.

Thanks in part to their close association with humans, the Norway rat has moved on from its native Asia to colonize every continent on earth, except for Antarctica. Rats are extremely diverse feeders, these true omnivores can scavenge, hunt, forage and steal meals from a variety of sources.

Bayonne Rodent Control – Quick Tips

Here’s a few handy tips to keep invading mice out of your home or apartment:

  1. rx Helvetica, remedy Arial, ‘Nimbus Sans L’, sans-serif; font-style: normal;”>Make sure doors fit snugly and close fully.
  2. Window screens should be intact, without tears and close properly
  3. Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home, especially where utility lines, pipes or cables enter
  4. Make sure dryer and stove vents are properly screened
  5. Keep shrubbery and grass regularly trimmed and in good order
  6. Garages and sheds should be neat and free of clutter as these types of structures are stepping stones into our homes.